Social Enterprise Transformation Program


Social Enterprise Transformation Program


How can you make your Social Enterprise investment-ready?

Social Enterprise Transformation Program


As an aspiring Social entrepreneur, NGO executive, leader of a charity or an association, you map out the growth and sustainability strategy for your organization. As it becomes more and more difficult to consistently attract funding from donors, sustainability of social ventures has become the most pertinent issue for leaders of organizations in the non-profit sector.

The Social entrepreneurship course has been designed to equip you with the strategies and tools to effectively raise funds for your non-profit organization even without relying on donors, and ensuring the sustainability of your organization.

 Value Proposition – Why FELA’s Social Entrepreneurship Program

  • Acquire tools to ensure the sustainability of your Organization.
  • This program is a practical program. You will be taught how to practically
  • Develop appropriate tools you need for your particular organization and market.

 Exclusively designed for leaders in the non-profit sector.

 Expand your network and share with leaders with experience in the non-profit sector.

 Cost effective

This program has been designed with your specific needs in mind.

One of the most important needs leaders in the non-profit sector have is the need to       cut cost.

 Easy-to-study structure

  • This program has been designed with 5 modules, all which can be studied as single  courses.
  • All the modules have been carefully designed to respond to specific questions
  • Frequently raised by leaders in the non-profit sector.

 Program Structure:

 Module 1: Social Entrepreneurship-Managing the Creation of Social Value

  • The nature of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Mindset, characteristics and competencies of Social entrepreneurs
  • Institutional environment of social venture creation
  • Discovering opportunities for Social Ventures

 Module 2: Developing a social venture sustainability model

  • The concept and components of a business model.
  • The sustainability model of a social venture.
  • The social business model canvas.
  • Feasibility analysis for social ventures

 Module 3: Organization, Management and marketing of Social ventures

  • Developing a Social Venture Marketing plan
  • Managing the Financial side of social Ventures
  • Building a Social Venture team
  • Social Venture effectiveness

 Module 4: Social Investment readiness

  • Social finance
  • Feasibility modelling
  • Presenting the financial data
  • Demonstrating social impact to investors
  • Taking on an investment

 Module 5: Scaling Social ventures

  • Growth strategies for Social Ventures
  • Measuring Impact of Social Venture
  • Monitoring and Evaluation