About Us


About Us


Created in 2015, FUNIC Cameroon is pioneering the training of Entrepreneurial Leaders to become change agents in the African continent. FUNIC Cameroon was created out of a desire to stimulate innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial leadership skills in Africans and to inspire them to stretch their imagination beyond territorial boundaries.

FUNIC is composed of Four Academic units: FUNIC Cameroon Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon, Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy, and African Arts Academy.

FUNIC Cameroon Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology's campus is located in the heart of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. FUNIC Cameroon Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Technology offers Higher National Diploma programs in Business, Entrepreneurship, Computer Software Engineering and Agricultural Entrepreneurship.

Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon's campus is located at the foot of Mount Fako in Buea. Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon is an Institution of Higher learning which seeks to solve the problem of low literacy rate, and consequently poverty especially in the rural areas of Cameroon by developing young business leaders who will create and lead change in their communities. FUNHIC is a national leader in social entrepreneurship and has been at the center of making Bamenda the most socially Entrepreneurial city in the country through the Kansas Hill initiative. Thus, it has become a natural asset for social entrepreneurship in Cameroon. For example, Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon now offers a competition for social ventures in Cameroon and also hosts the annual national conference on social entrepreneurship. 

Rural areas in Cameroon are the hardest hit by poverty due to the low literacy rate. These rural areas are endowed with numerous business opportunities, especially in the domains of agriculture, transport and logistics, tourism, and food processing. Yet, poverty continues to be a big challenge, principally because of lack of a good education. It is estimated that only about 1% of students in rural areas make it to the university.

We aim to close the education gap between rural and urban areas by providing business education and training that will develop business leaders and social entrepreneurs who will create jobs for other young people in their communities.

While our focus is mostly on students from rural areas, we accept outstanding students from every part of the country and Africa.

At Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon, we understand that professional higher education is an investment that most parents in the rural areas are unable to make. Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon is therefore pioneering the provision of FREE higher education to students from mostly rural areas in Cameroon and the African continent.

Our institution is funded by student-managed on-campus businesses and funding from sponsors. Our focus is therefore to train young people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to have a good education.

Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy is the leading center for entrepreneurial leadership in Africa. Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy‚Äôs curriculum was especially designed to train young men and women from around the world to develop Entrepreneurial skills, acquire concrete leadership experience, and develop positive professional abilities needed to become entrepreneurs and change their communities.The uniqueness of our curriculum is further strengthened by the possibility it gives students to progress from a vocational qualification to the MBA.

African Arts Academy is a Social Enterprise Created by FUNIC to valorise and promote African Arts.

The curriculum was designed with people with all academic qualifications. The aim is to work with experienced men and women interested in arts and crafts to promote the African culture through programs like fashion design, interior design, beauty and skin care and many others.


The vision of FUNIC is to see an African society where rare skills are found in common people, and where no one is unemployed or flees home because s/he is poor.

FUNIC's mission is to train 1 million men and women from across Africa by 2025, to develop their communities in an ethical and dignifying manner. Our curriculum integrates classroom learning with real life industry experience and encourages students to be imaginative, daring, but at the same time community-focused. We equip each student to be the best in their chosen field of study by employing the most engaging teaching methods by faculty members who are industry experts. FUNIC was founded by a Cameroonian Social Entrepreneur, Fotabe Elmine