Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum


Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum

Every year, FELA brings together high school students from all the Regions of Cameroon for a three-day Entrepreneurial Leadership forum.


FALA’s entrepreneurial leadership forum was first launched 7 years ago in Buea. It brought together 100 High School students from all the schools in the South West Region. It was chaired by the Regional delegate of Employment and Vocational Training.

The students were taught how to write essays, were involved in debates, games, and were taught about life after high school. Many of the students ended up with cash prizes of up to 150,000FCFA and full scholarships.

Over the years, the program has been restructured to provide better content and programs to help high school students set goals and achieve them.


The biggest problem Cameroon, like many other countries in the African continent is battling with is youth Unemployment. Among many reasons for this problem is: a mismatch between youth education and the skills required by the job market. This is due especially to lack of proper pre-university orientation/preparation. FELA is at the forefront of providing concrete solutions to these problems through FELA's Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum.

FELA’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum is an annual 3-day free event which brings together 100 active high school student leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the national territory. Participants are provided with solid career guidance and other tools to prepare them to lead Africa without corruption and conflict.

OBJECTIVES:  The objective of the forum is:

· To provide High School students with Pre-University career orientation that will equip them to make study choices which will put them en route to becoming ethical leaders and entrepreneurs.


· They receive FREE and professional Pre-University Career Orientation from experts.

· They have the opportunity of acquiring useful skills in Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

· They are trained on Social Manners that make them better fit in the society.

· They meet and discuss with successful young entrepreneurs and social Entrepreneurs who share their success stories with them.

· They network with young leaders from across Cameroon, who impact their lives like never before.

· All participants have the opportunity of studying at the prestigious Fotabe University with a 50% to 100% scholarship. 


· High school students from around the country who play leadership roles in their schools or their churches or their communities.

· High school students who are involved in entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship in their schools or communities.

· High school students who play an active leadership role in a school club.

· High School students who are passionate about Entrepreneurship and/or leadership. 


 The curriculum of the forum was designed to challenge the young minds to think about a future in Entrepreneurial Leadership, and give them a sneak peak of the skills needed to succeed in today’s global economic landscape. The curriculum consists of the following modules:

1. Career Orientation

2. Ethical Leadership

3. Social Entrepreneurship

4. Team Building

5. Soft Skills

6. Peace Building

7. Social Etiquette

8. Apogee: Based on the theme of the edition.


“Changing attitudes and Mindsets for a peaceful and economically prosperous Cameroon.”


High school students wishing to participate should obtain an application form, fill all sections, and return to the school campus at Fin goudron Bamgue in Kotto, Douala, or via WhatsApp at 675102650 or via email to fela@funic.co


10-point plans on with the following characteristics stand the chance to be selected: 1. Original 2. Practical 3. Cost effective 4. Community-focused 5. Sustainable