Contribute To Our Incubator Fund


Contribute To Our Incubator Fund

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The incubator fund is a cost-effective funding alternative to help FUNIC students gradually transition from a business Idea to a full-fledged business.

FUNIC's start-up incubator was set up for speeding up the growth and success of startups created by our students and alumni. Our incubator fund therefore provides registered members with potential funding. We provide access to services such as accountants, investors and lawyers, not to mention invaluable coaching and networking connections through the staff and other entrepreneurs at the incubator.

Early-stage funding is critical for new startups, because of the need to test business models and develop products. And our incubator offers these, either as grants or an investment in return for periodic donations to the incubator fund. Also, startups housed in our incubators do not have to budget for normal business expenses like office rent and overheads. They share resources with other startups, allowing them to better utilitise their funding. Fotabe University's incubator fund service raises 2,500,000 annually to fund at least five startups.

Three Ways to Contribute

  • Make a Donation to the start up Incubator Fund
  • Provide seed Capital to fund an entrepreneurial venture or idea created by a student
  • Cover a particular incubator expense such as rents, internet bills, telephone bills etc.

How to make a donation

Donations are made through the Bank, MTN Mobile Money or Orange Money. For all donations, Use the details provided below:

Name of Bank: United Bank for Africa

Account Name: Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

Account Number:10033052141403100007330

MTN Mobile Money: 679613615

Orange Money: 656663329

For donations involving procedures not mentioned, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at

Why Donate

  • Have the pleasure and honor that comes from participating in building Africa
  • Attend graduation ceremonies and receive recognition for your donations
  • Receive personal thank you letters
  • Receive testimonials from faculty
  • Receive thank you videos