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Support a Young Entrepreneur

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Support a Young Entrepreneur

Support a Young Cameroonian acquire a good education.

For five years, FUNIC has provided financial assistance worth over 230 Million CFA to Cameroonians to study TVET and Higher National Diploma programs at FUNIC. This year, we are opening up the opportunity to men and women from across the world to join us educate Cameroonians. Investing in the education of young people is a fine way of not only solving the issues of poverty and employment, but also opening up doors of opportunity for them. By providing sponsorship for students from disadvantaged communities who wish to attend Fotabe University (FUNIC) we are helping to build the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

Every Cameroonian has a place at FUNIC. Cameroonians who do not have High School education can study a Vocational Training program to acquire skills that will enable them either start small businesses, or get a job. There are many opportunities to support the education of a young Cameroonian. You can learn about them here:

  1. The School-to-work program: The School-to-work program affords young people with at least a First school leaving certificate to acquire skills and earn income while they study. To learn about the cost of sponsoring a young person through this program and the program details, please click here
  2. The Higher National Diploma(HND): The HND is a professional program that prepares students for entry level jobs and for entrepreneurship. It is supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education. To learn more about what it takes to sponsor a child through the HND, please click here
  3. FUNIC's Agricultural Entrepreneurship Community Program: This program is a combination of an HND in a Business and Management field, plus hands-on training on the transformation of Agricultural produce. Students are thus equipped to be self-sufficient right from school. To learn more about what it takes to sponsor a young person through this program, click here
  4. The Social Entrepreneurship Program for People with disabilities (SENDA): This program was designed to train people with disabilities on small business creation and to provide them with small start-up capital to start small businesses that enable them care for their very basic needs. To learn more about how you can support, please click here
  5. The incubator at FUNIC: We train our students to start small businesses. But for these small businesses to pick up and be sustainable, the students and graduates need support that cannot be provided in a classroom setting. They need funding for their projects and support in areas like accounting, office space, legal advice and more. This is the role of the incubator. But to keep the incubator functional, budgetary requirements need to be met. This is where we need your support.

Four Ways to Support

  • Make an Anonymous Donation to the start up Incubator Fund of Fotabe University
  • Donate to sponsor a specific student of interest through a Program.
  • Pay complete tuition for a student to study a program.
  • Provide seed Capital to fund an entrepreneurial venture or idea created by a student
  • Fund a venture or business idea validated by the Start-up Incubator of Fotabe University

How to make a donation

Donations are made through the Bank, MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money. For all donations, Use the details provided below:

Name of Bank: United Bank for Africa

Account Name: Fotabe Universal Higher Institute

Account Number: 10033052141403100006651

MTN Mobile Money: 679613615

Orange Money: 656663329

For donations involving specific students or specific Business Ideas, please contact the Academic Affairs Office at